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Research and Advancement

Innovation and a spirit of collaboration are the foundation of our research and advancement efforts, as is our unwavering commitment to education, discovery, and Qatar’s continued prosperity. We proudly partner with Qatar Foundation, Qatar National Research Fund, industry, academic and research institutions, and local schools and government organizations to meaningfully contribute to the State of Qatar and its communities through our ambitious research program and outreach activities.

The remarkable diversity of achievements, insights, innovations, and discoveries produced by our faculty and students through our research have a direct impact not just on Qatar’s present, but also on its future. Texas A&M at Qatar is a leader in applied and fundamental research that is strategically diverse in an effort to have practical, real-world applications, and maximum impact.

Our research program sets itself apart by our dedication to finding solutions with local, regional, and global importance. Our success depends upon the constant commitment of our industry partners and faculty, experts who both import knowledge for customized, local applications, and export cutting-edge ideas and technology created here in Qatar.

Through our outreach programs to industry, government, academia, and community here in Qatar, we work to build human capacity and enhance the workforce in Qatar.

We are engineering leaders in Qatar. Together with our collaborators in industry, academia, and the community, we will continue to make bold progress in Qatar’s Grand Challenges and the noble goals set forth in Qatar National Vision 2030.


Dr. Hassan S. Bazzi, ACSF, FRSC 
Associate Dean for Research and Advancement
Tel. +974.4423.0029
 TAMUQ-Resarch-Advancement-Brady-Creel Dr. Brady Creel
Executive Director of Engagement
Tel. +974.4423.0254
 TAMUQ-Research-Advancement-Othmane-Bouhali Dr. Othmane Bouhali
Director, Research Computing
Tel. +974.4423.0038
 TAMUQ-Research-Advancement-Daryl-Daniel Daryl Daniel
Director, Research Administration Services
Tel. +974.4423.0275 
 TAMUQ-Research-Advancement-Lina-Masad Lina Masad
Manager of Quality Assurance
Tel. +974.4423.0287 
TAMUQ-Research-Kholoud-Nawahdah Kholoud Nawahdah
Senior Administrative Coordinator I
Tel. +974.4423.0557

View the organizational chart for Research and Advancement here.