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During this decade, Texas A&M at Qatar’s research program has grown to a cumulative funding level of more than $236 million for 289 projects that cover basic and applied research to solve critical problems. This research has yielded extraordinary productivity in terms of refereed papers, conference proceedings and patent applications. Texas A&M at Qatar has 182 active and awarded research projects and more than $147 million in active and awarded project funding.

A summary of the research, our collaboration with industry, and our partnerships with dozens of universities and research centers around the world, are presented in the web pages of the various programs; to give, however, a flavor of our efforts, we outline some of the recent non-confidential funded projects. 

Optimizing Qatar's Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

Triple Success in Teaching, Research and Mentoring 

The Winding Road to Solary Energy

Advancing High-performance Computing

Engineering a Cleaner Future

Maximizing Well Productivity

Intercultural Communication for Real-world Success

Patented Solutions to Everyday Problems

Cultivating a Culture of Safety in Qatar

A new website,, highlights the achievements of Texas A&M at Qatar’s student researchers and showcases the variety of projects students have been involved in, ranging from how high temperatures and pressures affect the rheological proper-ties of drilling fluids to data transfer via visible light communications to noninvasive wireless health monitoring systems. Whatever the topic, Texas A&M at Qatar provides its students opportunities to find solutions to real-world, real-life problems.

Research at Texas A&M at Qatar contributes to Qatar’s thriving industry and economy. We seek more effective oil and gas production, faster development of alternative energy sources, and better energy efficiency in buildings. We are developing novel methods for hazardous waste water treatment, we propose innovative materials; and we are studying methods for better mobile phone and internet performance. This engineering research is reinforced by fundamental studies in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

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