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We currently manage the following systems.  Please note that raad2 is our flagship system, and that the older raad system is operating at drastically reduced capacity.  Raad accounts will only be granted to users in need of GPU accelerators, which are not yet available in the newer raad2 system. ​​ 


• Cray® XC40-AC 

• Intel Xeon E5-2690 V3

• SuSE Linux

• Slurm workload manager

• Aries Dragonfly interconnect

• DDN Exascaler (Lustre) storage

• 16 GB/s storage read bandwidth

• Joint TAMUQ and QCRI system


• Bull B510 Blades

• Intel Xeon E5-2680

• Red Hat Linux

• PBS workload manager

• FDR infiniband interconnect

• Panasas AS12 storage

• 6 GB/s storage read bandwidth

• 12 Nvidia TESLA K20 GPUs