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Academic Awards

Gathright Scholar Award 
The Thomas S. Gathright Scholar Academic Excellence Award is presented by The Association of Former Students in conjunction with Texas A&M’s Student Government Association and Texas A&M University at Qatar. The award is a long-standing Aggie tradition and is given annually to the outstanding sophomore, junior, and senior at Texas A&M at Qatar. Named in honor of the first president of the A&M College of Texas, this award recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement on a campus-wide scale. The Gathright Scholar Award is given yearly at the Student Affairs and Leadership Awards Ceremony and carries a great deal of prestige.

Criteria and Selection Procedure
Criteria for a prospective nominee shall be that he or she has the highest overall grade point ratio within his or her college classification. It is recommended that if a tie exists between two or more candidates when their grade point ratios are equal to the third decimal place, then the total number of credit hours earned at Texas A&M University at Qatar and extracurricular activities should be taken into consideration, in that order. Mid-semester grades should not be used in computing the overall grade point ratio. To qualify for this award, the senior must have at least ninety (90) credit hours at Texas A&M University at Qatar, the junior students must have at least sixty (60) credit hours at Texas A&M University at Qatar, and the sophomore must have at least thirty (30) credit hours at Texas A&M University at Qatar. If you have questions about the Gathright Scholar Award, or would like to learn more about the program, please contact Dr. Ryan McLawhon at +974.4423.0181 or email

Dean’s Honor roll and Distinguished Student 
An undergraduate student who completes a semester schedule of at least 15 hours or a summer session schedule of at least 12 hours with no grade lower than C and with a grade point ratio of not less than 3.5 for the semester or for a summer session shall be designated “distinguished student.” A student who, under the same circumstances, achieves a grade point ratio of at least 3.75 also shall be designated as a member of the “dean’s honor roll.” First semester freshmen must complete a semester schedule of at least 15 hours with no grade lower than a “C,” no Q-drops and with a grade point ratio of not less than 3.5 for “distinguished student” designation and a 3.75 for “dean’s honor roll.” Official notification of these designations will be issued to the student by the dean of the student’s college. The hours earned with a grade of S shall not be included in determining minimum hours required for the designation of “distinguished student” or “dean’s honor roll.” A grade of I or U disqualifies a student from being considered as a “distinguished student” or for the “dean’s honor roll.” Students who use grade exclusion must still meet the minimum of requirements in hours and grades to qualify for the appropriate honors. Grades of Q, W, and NG may not be included in the 15 graded hours. Only undergraduate courses or graduate courses used for the undergraduate degree will be used in either honors calculation.