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Academic Standing

Academic standing is determined by a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), which includes all courses taken at Texas A&M University at Qatar or the main campus. In order to remain in good academic standing, students must post a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or higher.

Academic Probation

Below 2.0 CGPA: students who have a CGPA below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation for the subsequent semester and be required to meet probation terms in order to regain good academic standing, as well as improving their CGPA to 2.0 or better

Probation terms may include the following:

  • Post a term and/or cumulative GPA of 2.0 of better for the next long semester (fall/spring)
  • Meet with Academic Advisor to create a success plan for the semester
  • Meet with an Academic Coach in the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Some students may have minimum course grades as a probation requirement (ex: MATH 151 with a C or better)

If probation terms are not met, and/or a student’s CGPA remains below the 2.0 minimum requirement, the student may be dismissed from the University for a period of one academic year from the time of dismissal.

Course Minimum Grade Requirements

Each program sets the minimum letter grade requirements for the courses included on their degree program.  In general, most classes must be completed with a C or better to satisfy degree and graduation requirements.  Academic advisors can assist students in determining what the minimum required grade is for a given course.

Calculating your GPA

A student’s Grade Point Average is calculated by dividing the number of accumulated grade points by the number of completed credit hours.  Each letter grade is assigned a number of grade points:



Credit Hours

Total Grade Points

ENGL 104



9 (3pts x3 hrs)

MATH 151



8 (2pts x4 hrs)

ENGR 102



8 (4 pts x 2 hrs)

CHEM 107



6 (2 pts x 3 hrs)

CHEM 117



2 (2pts x 1 hr)

HIST 105



9 (3 pts x 3 hrs)



16 hours

42 grade points

Thus, the GPA for this semester would be calculated as such: 42 points/16 hours= 2.625

To calculate the cumulative GPA, divide the total of all grade points by the total of all completed credit hours.

For more information regarding grades and academic standing, please see Student Rule 10.