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College Station Online Courses

Texas A&M at Qatar students are eligible to take online courses offered by the main campus in College Station. If you are interested in taking an online class in your degree plan from College Station, here is the process:


  1. Check Howdy for course availability
  2. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor
  3. Once it is confirmed that the course meets your degree plan, your advisor will assist in the course registration process (subject to availability)


The cost of tuition for College Station online courses will not be included in your regular invoice issued by the Qatar Foundation. TAMUQ students enrolled in College Station online classes will be issued an invoice from Student Business Services (SBS) and will be charged at the non-resident student rate. Texas residents and faculty dependents will be charged the Texas resident rate (Nonresident Tuition Waiver for Faculty must be on file with SBS). Tuition costs can be found here.


In addition to the non-resident tuition rates, students will also be charged associated online/distance education fees. These fees vary based on course type, offering college/department, and course structure. You can find an explanation of the fees here.


Students will be responsible to purchase the required textbooks or course materials for any College Station online course. TAMUQ does not provide financial or logistical support for required course materials.

Financial Aid

All financial aid or scholarship support for College Station online courses should be coordinated between the students and Qatar Foundation Financial Services. The TAMUQ Academic Services Office can provide supporting documentation to QF Financial Services if necessary.


If you have additional questions about online courses please contact or speak with your academic advisor.