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Texas Success Initiative

What is the Texas Success Initiative?

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a Texas legislature mandated program for students who attend Texas public institutions of higher education as of fall 2003 (Texas Education Code §51.3062). Students must comply with this mandate in order to enroll in Texas public institutions of higher education. The law requires all entering college students to be assessed for college readiness in mathematics, reading and writing,  unless the student qualifies for an exemption. Non-exempt students must take the TSI Assessment (TSIA2). However, before students take the TSIA2, they are required to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). Students cannot take the TSIA2 until this activity is complete.

What is the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)? 

The Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) gives students important information about the TSIA2 and includes a practice test. 

Unless exempt, students entering a Texas public college or university must take the TSI Assessment (TSIA2), the purpose of which is to determine readiness for college-level coursework. The TSIA2 tests for three academic areas: mathematics, reading and writing. 

How do I know if I am exempt?  

You can check your exemption status by using the decision tree application. You can also view your status on Howdy → My Dashboard → My Record → TSI Info. 

How do I register for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2)? 

Review the testing-day options on the Testing Services website. Call Testing Services at (001-979-845-0532) to schedule an exam and please have a preferred date and time ready when registering.

To Reschedule: 

Call our office at least 24 business hours prior to your original test time. If rescheduling within 24 business hours of your exam, the original registration fee will be forfeited and you will be required to pay the fee again.

Sections of TSI

All Sections are untimed: 

  • Math 
  • ELAR 
  • Essay   

Identify the sections you need to take by logging into Howdy My Dashboard → My Record → TSI Info or by emailing   


  • All Sections - $60
  • ELAR & Essay - $50
  • Math Section Only - $25 

All fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable. 


You will receive a score report immediately following the completion of your exam. 

You can also check your TSI scores by logging into Howdy → My Dashboard → My Record → Test scores 
Please email the Academic Success Center at with any questions or concerns. 

What happens if I don’t pass the test? Can I still join Texas A&M? 

Not meeting one or more of the requirements of the TSI Assessment test will not keep you from attending Texas A&M University. The tests are for placement purposes only. 

If you do not make the minimum required score for each of the three academic areas (reading, writing, and math), you will be enrolled in a program of developmental education for the specific area(s) needing remediation. Students who do not meet the minimum requirement for Math / Writing / Reading will be restricted from enrolling in college-level Math / English / Reading intensive courses such as history, psychology, or political science.