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Registration Process

In order to receive disability-related accommodations and services, you should abide by the following process:

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to Texas A&M University at Qatar through the regular admissions process.
  2. Provide current and comprehensive documentation of a diagnosed disability which requires accommodation.
  3. Register with Disability Services at the beginning of each semester.

In order to register with the office, a student must present documentation of a legally recognized disability. You can submit your information to the Wellness Program office in the Texas A&M Engineering Building, office 318C. Refer to Documentation for more information.

Once documentation has been submitted:

  1. The Wellness Program Coordinator and Counselor and the Texas A&M University Disability Services Documentation Review Committee (DRC) review all documentation and determine whether the student is eligible to receive Disability Services based on the documented disability.
  2. Each student will meet with the wellness program coordinator and counselor to determine appropriate accommodations.
  3. Appropriate accommodations are determined by the counselor and student, in consultation with an Accommodations Counselor at Disability Services at Texas A&M University, based on the documented needs, previous accommodations, and functional limitations of the student.
  4. During this initial meeting with the wellness program coordinator and counselor, Disability Services policies and procedures are discussed with the student. The student is responsible for delivering the accommodations letters generated in this meeting to the instructors. Students are encouraged to meet with their instructors to discuss their testing and other accommodations and to answer any questions the instructors may have.