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Yalla is your gateway to involvement in student organizations — for managing all organization memberships and other campus activities. You may register your account and join your organizations online by following these simple instructions:

To create account:

Go to
Select “Sign In with Current Student/Staff” Net ID
Complete creating your profile
See instructions for more details

You will use your Yalla account to learn about campus and organization events, communicate with organization leaders, participate in campus-wide polls and discussions, generate verified records of your involvement with co-curricular transcripts, and more.

Yalla: Getting Started

When you login for the first time, you will be asked to create your profile. Your profile will include your basic contact information along with custom information requested by your campus. (Note: You can control your privacy, notification and account settings at anytime under Manage Account)

Join or create an organization: The next step is to join an organization or create a new one. Begin by browsing through your community’s searchable directory to learn more about different involvement opportunities. If you do not find an organization that interests you, create your own by clicking “Register New Organization.”

Get involved: Explore your organization’s portal to stay up-to-date on important information, see upcoming events, communicate with group members and build your organization’s public website. Check out the left hand menu to see all of the available tools.