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Critical Incident Response Team

The purpose of the Critical Incident Response Team is to respond to critical incidents involving TAMUQ students in Qatar and serve as the University contact when students are involved in critical incidents away from the Texas A&M at Qatar campus.

Texas A&M at Qatar is committed to providing an educational climate that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each individual. Even with a small university community, Texas A&M at Qatar and the Department of Student Affairs realize that crisis, or critical incidents, will occur and that these crises can have a significant effect on the entire university, education city and local communities. Such critical incidents will require an effective and timely response.

Texas A&M at Qatar and the Department of Student Affairs has developed a Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) consisting of university administrators and staff, to best respond to these critical student incidents.


The Goals of the Critical Incident Response Team are as follows:

To coordinate the University’s response to critical incidents involving students while paying special attention to the safety and security needs of members of the University community.

To offer counseling, guidance, and appropriate support to members of the University community, their families and University care givers.

To use critical incidents, when appropriate, as “teachable moments” which may enhance the quality of life for all those touched by critical incidents.

What is a Critical Incident?

Texas A&M at Qatar and the Department of Student Affairs has defined critical incidents to which CIRT will respond to include:

Significant Injury of a Student

Death of a Student (on or off campus)

Attempted Suicide

Life Threatening Injury/Illness

Sexual Assault

Mental Health Crisis

Drug/Alcohol Overdose

Campus Disturbance/Riot

Contacting Students in Case of a Family Emergency

Fire/Explosion with Injuries or Significant Damage

Natural Disasters

Airplane Crashes

Infectious Disease

International Hostage Situations/Kidnappings

National and Local Emergencies

Hate/Bias incidents

Bomb Threats

Missing Persons

Acts of Terrorism

Any other incidents that may be identified to be Critical Incidents by Texas A&M University at Qatar

Texas A&M University at Qatar recognizes that the above list may not cover all situations that warrant CIRT intervention. Therefore, the determination of whether or not a situation needs CIRT attention will be decided by the CIRT Person On-Call or the Director or Assistant Director of Student Affairs.

How Does the CIRT Team Get Notified of a Critical Incident?

The CIRT on-call staff will be available by mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while the university is in session. To activate CIRT, simply call +974.4423.0333 to notify the person on-call of the CIRT incident. When the university is not in session and during the summer, the phone will be forwarded to Qatar Foundation Director of Security for processing.

Student Organization Travel: Student organizations have the ability to travel off campus, with the prior approval of the Department of Student Affairs. Any off campus trip that will be funded through one or more student organizations must be approved no later than two weeks before the proposed trip.

All participants must complete the Emergency Information and Release of Rights Form online at least two weeks before leaving on a trip. Failure to do so may prevent university funds from being released for the event.

The CIRT member on-call during your trip & the Director of Student Affairs will have a copy of this information.