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2019-20 Tuition Rates

Qatar Resident Tuition (Non-sponsored)

*THIS RATE EXPIRES AFTER 4.5 years and will revert to the tuition rate for the current academic year

Sponsored Students

*THIS RATE EXPIRES AFTER 4.5 years and will revert to the tuition rate for the current academic year

Non-Qatar Resident (Qatar Foundation-sponsored Visa)

*THIS RATE EXPIRES AFTER 4.5 years and will revert to the tuition rate for the current academic year

TAMUQ Faculty/Staff Dependent (Texas-resident Rate)

*THIS RATE EXPIRES AFTER 4.5 years and will revert to the tuition rate for the current academic year

To view 2017-2018 tuition rates, click here.

To view 2016-2017 tuition rates, click here.

Financial aid

Non-sponsored students admitted to Texas A&M University at Qatar are encouraged to apply for Student Financial Aid through Qatar Foundation. Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development offers need-based financial assistance through the Qatar Foundation Student Financial Services Financial Aid Program to help students meet the financial obligations of their universities. Financial aid given to resident and international students through this program is in the form of loans that could cover up to a 100 percent of the annual total cost of attending any of Education City universities. Guiding Financial Aid Principles:

      • No matter what Education City university you are enrolled in, you are subject to the same criteria when Qatar Foundation determines your eligibility for financial aid.
      • Annual renewal of Financial Aid is contingent upon maintaining good academic standing. Note that you must reapply for financial aid each year.
      • Once you are granted financial aid, Qatar Foundation will be committed to the same aid percentage when you apply next academic year provided you maintain a good academic standing and your family’s financial needs do not change drastically.
      • In exchange for the loans awarded, you will be expected upon graduation to repay the full amount of the loan according to a repayment plan or to participate in a paid service program at an organization in Qatar approved by Qatar Foundation. You are expected to sign the Financial Aid Contract prior to attending classes.

Who receives financial aid at Education City?

You must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for financial aid:

      • Have been admitted to one of the universities located in Education City
      • Have enrolled as a full-time student and intend to obtain a bachelors degree at one of the universities within Education City
      • Have provided a statement indicating you have not defaulted on loans previously borrowed from Qatar Foundation

How to apply for financial aid

The Financial Aid Application is a strictly online process. You are encouraged to complete the Financial Aid Application online and collect all required supporting documents as early as possible. ONLY after you have accepted a place at one of the universities, you can submit the application online. When you visit the website, make sure to:

      • Complete and upload all required documents in PDF file format.

Pay attention to deadlines.


Each summer Qatar Foundation Student Financial Services and Texas A&M University at Qatar award competitive academic scholarships to top returning students who have no sponsorship. Detailed application instructions are sent to all current students each spring semester.

The Qatar Foundation Student Financial Services scholarship is a full scholarship, renewable annually, that requires a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or greater and two letters of recommendation from professors. Additional details on the QF scholarship are available at the HBKU website.

Texas A&M at Qatar, with support from the Association of Former Students, provides a limited number of merit-based scholarships to students who have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Texas A&M at Qatar scholarships are single-year awards and students are encouraged to reapply annually.

Financial Appeals
As per the agreement between Texas A&M University at Qatar and Qatar Foundation (QF), the rates of tuition and fees for students at Texas A&M at Qatar shall be no less than the highest rates applicable to out-of-state (non-resident) students at Texas A&M’s main campus in College Station, TX. Non-resident tuition rates are set by the Texas A&M System Board of Regents and are based on entering academic year.

All student tuition invoices are issued by QF and all payments from Texas A&M at Qatar students are collected by QF’s Finance Directorate. Texas A&M at Qatar is not responsible for collection of tuition.
Texas A&M at Qatar students are billed each semester, following the 12th class day, and payments are due upon receipt of invoice. Payments can be made via wire transfer (bank information provided on the student invoice) or in person at the QF Finance Office (Porta Cabin 4). If the student would like to establish a payment plan with Qatar Foundation, the Academic Services Office (ASO) at Texas A&M at Qatar can provide the required form. To establish a payment plan, the student must provide posted dated checks for the full tuition balance and the final checks must be dated not later than the last day of finals for the given semester.

Students who wish to make fiscal appeals should consult with Texas A&M at Qatar's ASO first, but all official appeals should be directed to QF Finance.