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Faculty & Staff Information

Texas A&M University at Qatar has outstanding faculty and staff who create an excellent student experience and advance important research efforts. As TAMUQ transitions its campus over the next four years to wind down operations, Texas A&M remains committed to helping each of our faculty and staff remain part of TAMUQ as long as their position is needed to support our current students and then transition seamlessly to their next opportunity with appropriate support. The following information and resources aim to ensure faculty and staff access to the latest information and resources available. 

Faculty Advocacy Committee

Dean Malavé has worked with the campus community to establish advocacy committees for students, faculty and staff to provide input and feedback to the Transition Team. Faculty senators, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hashimi and Dr. Brittany Bounds, selected the following for their representation of various programs and constituencies to serve on the Faculty Advocacy Committee: 

  • Mohammed Al-Hashimi (CHEN) and Brittany Bounds (DAS), Faculty Senators 
    Faculty Transition Advocacy Committee Co-Chairs 
  • Hussein Alnuweiri, FAC Chair (ECEN) 
  • Nimir Elbashir, PIC Chair (CHEN) 
  • Naqaa Abbas, WFF Co-Chair (DAS) 
  • Mahmoud Amani (PETE) 
  • Reza Tafreshi (MEEN)  

Faculty may reach out to the Faculty Transition Advocacy Committee at 

Staff Advocacy Committee

The TAMUQ Staff Advisory Council will serve as the TAMUQ Transition Advocacy Committee, representing the needs and concerns of all staff during this transition. Your representatives are: 

  • Sara Jo Poremski, Chair 
  • Ibrahim El-Zoghbi, Vice-Chair 
  • Geeta Megchiani, Secretary 
  • Maricel Colocado, Member 
  • Osama Desouky, Member 
  • Khaled Elsaid, Member 
  • Brenda Mooney, Member 
  • Mohammad Younes, USC Representative 

Staff may reach out to SAC through one of the following venues: 

Frequently Asked Questions



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If you have questions about the transition, please reach out directly to