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Student Information

Texas A&M University is committed to ensuring that every student’s academic experience is of the same caliber as those who came before them. We will ensure that every current Aggie, including Aggie Gateway Program students who begin their studies in the fall, have ample opportunities to complete their degree at Texas A&M prior to 31 August 2028. The following information aims to help ensure students have access to information about the transition as we work to minimize its impact on students.

Student Advocacy Committee

Dean Malavé has worked with the campus community to establish advocacy committees for students, faculty and staff to provide input and feedback to the Transition Team. The following students serve on the Student Advocacy Committee, representing the needs and concerns of all students during this transition:

  • Khalid Al-Sada 
  • Rhee Jeremiah Costan 
  • Wellage Ushara De Silva 
  • Mennatallah Fawzy 
  • Wisam Gadam 
  • Noor Henzab 
  • Rehaan Hussain 
  • Muhammad Bin Mughees 
  • Abdul Qadeer 
  • Muhammad Saad 
  • Abdulla Zaza 


Message from TAMUQ and QF transition team chairs Dr. N.K. Anand and Dr. Ahmed M. Hasnah: Texas A&M and QF Update on TAMUQ Transition (5 March 2024)


Message from EVP and Provost Alan Sams: TAMUQ Transition Team Announced (15 Feb. 2024)


Town Hall with University Leaders (11 Feb. 2024)



If you have questions about the transition, please reach out directly to