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Consortium for Asphalt Pavement Technologies

Seminar "Hot Mix Asphalt Recycling Design and Production Key Control Points" presented by Dr. John D'Angelo
Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 3-5 p.m.
Hilton, Qamar meeting room, Doha, Qatar
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Launch of the Asphalt Pavement Consortium and Signing of the MoU with Ashghal
11 December 2017
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
LH 238
Texas A&M Engineering Building

About the Consortium

The State of Qatar is investing substantially in the construction of its road infrastructure. Pavements in Qatar are constructed using surfaces comprising asphalt concrete mixtures. The performance of asphalt pavements is impacted by several factors but primarily by the properties of the construction materials, pavement design, and construction practices. Pavement failures adversely impact the public through delays, compromised safety, and high maintenance costs. Therefore, the development and implementation of new pavement technologies (new and advanced materials, superior analytical tools, and improved experimental methods will have a key economic impact on the State of Qatar. In addition, it is essential to train a qualified workforce and ensure that workers have up-to-date knowledge regarding road technologies and specifications.

The objectives of the Consortium for Asphalt Pavement Technologies are to:

• Conduct research studies and technology implementation in various areas related to asphalt pavements (i.e., materials properties, recycling, specifications, design, and construction);

• Be a resource for the industry and agencies in Qatar that are involved in road design and construction;

• Organize the Asphalt Pavement Forum (APF) as a resource for presentations and discussions on technical developments; and

• Provide training and disseminate information pertaining to asphalt pavements.

The consortium will cover the following major areas:

• Characterization of pavement materials and layers,

• Asphalt mixture design,

• Recycling,

• Material specifications,

• Quality management systems,

• Structural design of asphalt pavements, and

• Performance-based specifications and contracting approaches.

Consortium Directors

The consortium will be directed by Dr. Eyad Masad and Dr. Dallas Little from Texas A&M University. Dr. Masad and Dr. Little have more than 70 years of combined experience in research, training, technology development, and professional consultancy in various areas of asphalt pavements. In particular, they have performed significant research in asphalt pavements in the State of Qatar during the past decade. Dr. Masad and Dr. Little are members of international committees and organizations that deal with topics such as subgrade improvements, pavement analysis and design, performance of surface layers, and materials specifications. The consortium will also involve highly qualified researchers and graduate students.

Consortium Governance

The consortium’s director and co-director will manage its research and training programs and develop its annual plan, which will be presented to the Steering Committee for review and approval. The Steering Committee consists of the associate dean for research of Texas A&M at Qatar, two representatives from the Public Works Authority, and one representative from each of the consortium members. A consortium member is a company that is operating in the State of Qatar in an area directly related to asphalt pavements. All the research and technology development findings that result from consortium funding will be disseminated publicly. However, individual companies or agencies can establish agreements to conduct proprietary research or training.

Consortium Membership

A consortium member will pay an annual membership fee of $25,000, join the steering committee, and receive discounted rates for registration fees in training courses. Membership benefits include:

• A voting member on the steering committee,

• Attendance of periodic meetings that discuss technical developments,

• 20 percent discount for registration in training courses, workshops, and conferences, and

• Reprints of consortium’s technical reports.


During the past 10 years, the CAPT researchers worked on various topics related to the properties and performance of asphalt pavements in Qatar and the region.  These projects included:

  • Development and implementation of Warm Asphalt Mix in Qatar
  • Skid Resistance of Asphalt Pavements in Relationship to Pavement Temperature
  • Implementation of Mechanistic-Empirical Design Methods
  • Laboratory and Field Performance of various mixtures and pavement designs in Qatar
  • Macrostructural Characterization of Unmodified and Modified Binders Subjected to different Aging and Moisture Levels
  • Development of Novel Methods for the Characterization of Aging Using Core Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology
  • Stabilization of Subgrade Layers in Asphalt Pavements

Short Courses

The group have delivered many short courses and organized workshops for the industry including:

  • Asphalt Pavement Analysis and Design
  • Volumetric Asphalt Mix Analysis and Design
  • Superpave Mix Design for Lab Engineers
  • Asphalt Binder Testing
  • Performance Testing for Asphalt Mixtures (3 days of course instruction and laboratory work)
  • Quality Control and Field Management of Asphalt Pavement Construction
  • Construction of Pavement Unbound and Stabilized Layers


Dr. Eyad Masad, P.E.
Zachry Professor
Texas A&M University at Qatar
Tel.: +974 4423 0268

Dr. Dallas Little, P.E.
Snead Professor and Regents
Texas A&M University
United States of America
Tel.: +1 979 845 8308

For more information, contact

Research Team

Dr. Srinath Iyengar

Dr. Ilaria Menapace

Dr. Reginald Kogbara